God’s New Covenant

September 25th, 2021

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Luke 22:14-23

Family gatherings around a table often can be the scene of important conversations.

Luke describes the inviting idea of a relaxed, familial setting at the Passover dinner table. However, the additional weight of what Jesus knew soon began to dawn on His apostles. They had been together in a variety of settings. Jesus had performed amazing miracles before their eyes, yet the Son of God was also a down-to-earth man who genuinely enjoyed spending time with His friends. The line between His divinity and humanity was about to change the world forever.

Jesus’ revelation that His very blood would become the new covenant was not immediately understood. Perhaps it is still difficult for some to understand. Even in the thinnest of spaces between the human and the divine, the holiness of God, through the sacrifice of His Son, reminds us that one covenant—this covenant—holds the power for us to live life in the fullness of relationship with our creator.

Author: Michael Johnson


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