Sin Destroys Everything

septembre 14th, 2021

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Genesis 4:9-16

There are obvious sins: habits, excesses, and activities that are easily seen, easily recognized for what they are. They are sin and we know them as sin. Adam and Eve suddenly knew that they were naked. Sin is multi-dimensional, complex, and more than the sum-total of its parts. It is the attitudes and the thoughts and the sentences that we say behind the closed doors of our minds. Sin can be embedded in both the seen and the unseen aspects of our life.

In tracing the direct repercussions of these first sins, we find a truth. When Adam and Eve sin, they realize their nakedness, they cover their bodies, and they lay blame on someone else and on God. The relationships between God and humanity, man and woman, and humanity and nature have all been destroyed. Sin leaves nothing untouched.

Take a moment and ask God to show you what needs attention, what needs forgiveness, and what needs restoration in your life.

Author: Teanna Sunberg

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