Glorify God

May 1st, 2021

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Matthew 5:13-20

Jesus spoke of the light of a city on a hill, a powerful image then and now. We have all driven through town at night and seen the twinkling lights of houses sparkling in the darkness. The points of light stand in stark contrast to the darkness that surrounds the houses. That is a beautiful image of the Christian living out their faith amid non-belief.

Others notice when a Christian responds differently to stress, difficulty, and even temptation. Often they are drawn to the Holy Spirit dwelling within the Christian, intrigued by the difference of the Christian life. Jesus calls us to live out that imagery. He calls us to live a life that draws people to Him.

The Holy Spirit was sent to help us so we can glorify God the Father and bring people into a right relationship with Him. A twinkling light is a powerful thing, many lights shining together sheds light over a great space. Whether you stand alone or with many, shine.

Author: Suzanne Cook

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