False Prophets

Abril 10th, 2013

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John 15:26—16:15

My friend was recently assigned to an interim pastorate position. When she met with the church leaders about a new membership class, they cautioned her to not discuss tithing or ask the potential members about their personal relationship with Christ. They felt such discussions may cause the potential members to become angry. Such dialogues might even prevent them joining the church.

After a silent prayer, the interim pastor humbly expressed that she could not do what they asked. She explained that God’s Word requires us to maintain a personal relationship to Christ; otherwise there can be no community of believers. She expressed that tithing was an expression of joy, and church members should know tithing is not drudgery.

False prophets may not be the ones preaching on television or holding great city events; they may be sitting on church boards impeding the work of the Holy Spirit. Our Savior cautions us to discern the truth and to follow it. The Holy Spirit not only admonishes or convinces us of sin, but also admonishes of what is righteous and acceptable.

Author: Geneva Silvernail

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