Heaven – The Ever Ever Land

May 14th, 2012

Matthew 10:1-16RG AUDIO 051412

There were 65 million glued to the television sets on March 7, 1955. Most television sets were black and white, but the production of Peter Pan was in color, a live broadcast as part of “Producers’ Showcase.” Mary Martin played the part of Peter Pan as she had done on Broadway.

The story revolves around the Darling children and their encounter with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. When asked where he comes from, Peter responds, “Never Never Land”

Jesus tells his disciples to go out and preach this message, “The kingdom of heaven is near” (Matt. 10:7). Heaven is the Ever Ever Land of the heart. It begins the moment Christ is asked into your spiritual life. Heaven is the place of God’s eternal home. It is transcendent and changeless. Because of the death and resurrection of Christ, heaven is the Christian’s eternal home as well. I have begun my spiritual journey to the Ever Ever Land of heaven . . . have you?


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