Look for Deliverance

décembre 27th, 2011

RG AUDIO 122711Psalm 3:1-8

David experienced the worst of all betrayal—from his own son. To add insult to injury, Absalom had persuaded others to turn against David. This made it more than just a family matter. It was very public. Yet, David responded from the depths of his broken heart by crying out to God for deliverance. He knew that God was his only hope.

We are slow learners. We are very good at analyzing impossible situations and coming up with one or two scenarios that we think could remedy the situation. Then, when the situation gets worse without any sign of resolution on the horizon; we panic. Or worse, we find ourselves in a devastating dive where everything looks as if it will fulfill our worst nightmare.

God does not dabble in anything less than what is best for us. Trusting in his integrity will give us eyes to watch for his deliverance.


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