Hello, I’m Listening

August 14th, 2011

RG AUDIO 0814111 John 5:13-21

God hears us. Sometimes we too quickly move over this amazing good news. God hears us, responds to us, loves us, and is at work in our lives. I had a member of my church once share that when she prayed her image of God was with hands over his ears. She thought she had to fully confess her sins, pray in the right order of praise and adoration before intercession, and even then it was questionable whether or not God would respond. This is not the image found in scripture.

We all struggle at times with unanswered prayers. There are, of course, many responses beyond “Yes” we do not want to acknowledge. Responses of “no,” “wait,” and “in time” are often met with great frustration. None of these responses include a God who doesn’t listen.

We can therefore give thanks for the known and unknown ways God works in our lives.


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