When We Were Five

août 7th, 2011

RG AUDIO 080711Psalm 141

My sons’ night-time prayers often reveal much. Requests for blessings, protection, and thanks often displayed where their concerns are and what fills them with excitement. One night, I remember one of my boys offered a prayer like this: “Dear God, help me not to get into William’s blue box tomorrow.” This is a five-year-old version of Psalm 141. Keep “my eyes fixed on you,” [v. 8] from “wicked deeds,” and “let not my heart be drawn to what is evil” (v. 4) are powerful phrases that many of us would benefit from including in our prayers more often.

We all have times when we are tempted to “give ourselves over to death.” For some of us it’s a prayer about keeping out of our neighbor’s stuff, for others it is asking God to help us not respond to attacks with evil. For all of us a prayer that our eyes would be fixed on God who has the power to help us receive life eternal more deeply each day.


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