God Doesn’t Walk With Me

July 20th, 2011

RG AUDIO 072011

Matthew 6:19-34

One day a professor took his students into the Washington office of his local congressman to learn about government issues. When they asked what his greatest surprise was, he stated it was the spirit of contentiousness between the parties.

He had just come back from the congressional prayer group and heard a congressman pray. “Lord, as we go about our business, we pray that you will walk with us.”

This, said the Congressman, is at the heart of the tensions. “It’s not God’s role to walk with us as we go about our business,” he pointedly said. “The Bible says that ‘Enoch walked with God.’ God does not second our agenda. It is for us to discover his agenda and walk as he leads us.”

If, indeed, we follow him, the directions he will take us will be uncomfortable, mysterious, and surprising. This is a trip we don’t want to avoid, because the kingdom is full of blessings we might otherwise miss.


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