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July 9th, 2011

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John 11:38-44

There are so many things to see and experience in this world. Some people, it seems, get to experience it all. Mention a place and they have been there. Their life sounds like one long vacation or cruise. Some of us have missed those experiences. There are many places we wish we could see. Family responsibilities, employment, or lack of extra money prevent us.

Have you seen the glory of God? Have you seen God at work? Have you seen miracles? Have you seen God do impossible things? Then you have experienced what so much of the world has missed!

An old farmer said, “I have never been far from home. I’m still living in the house where I was born. I’ve only seen some things in books. I have actually seen God at work in my life. I saw him heal my wife. I saw him change my son’s life. I have seen him meet our needs when there was no money in the bank. More than once he has taken an impossible situation and worked a miracle. I have seen so much, and there is still heaven to come!”


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