What’s The One Thing?

April 7th, 2011


Luke 18:18-30

The young man created a roadside classroom. He’d come to gain insight from the good teacher about what he must “do” to inherit eternal life. Jesus redirected him from his “do” list to the “do not” list of the Ten Commandments. His response was clear and quick. “I’ve kept them all.”

Once more Jesus redirects him. He takes him from the “all” of the law to the “one” of the heart. “You lack one thing.”

For a young man wanting to secure his future, he is invited by Jesus to rearrange his present. Eternal life is found in these life changing words, “Come, follow me.” It is about walking with Jesus now. However, the walk exposes heart issues. Jesus knew that money had a strangling grip on this young man’s life. Until he was willing to “sell and give,” he would never “come and follow.”

Jesus goes to the heart of the matter with this young man, and he goes to our heart with this matter as well.


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