A City On A Hill

February 13th, 2011


Matthew 5:13-16

Jesus calls his followers the salt and light of the earth. This can illustrate that as salt adds preservation and seasoning to food; born-again believers add to the lives of others, helping them and sharing God’s love. Salt also causes thirst, and believers’ lives are to cause thirst in others to seek out living water.

However, salt that has lost its saltiness has lost an essential part of its nature, leaving it without purpose. We risk losing our effectiveness when not living as Christ directs.

Jesus’ followers are also the light of the world. Jesus is the Light of the world, and we have the light of life when we follow him. We are the light shining the way to God. Believers are like a city on a hill, unable to be hidden. As followers of Christ, we are the city on the hill, lighting the way for people to see him and be drawn into his heart.

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