His Own

February 6th, 2011


Romans 8:1-17

When Kate was six, she went with her family to the airport to pick up a relative. She remembers holding her father’s hand as they walked through the terminal. She remembers holding his hand as they stood on the terrace, watching planes take off. Then as she looked up to tell her father about one of the planes, she froze. Fear gripped her. Kate moved quickly from the man who had been holding her hand. She has been told since that she let go of her father’s hand while on the terrace. Her family watched as she daydreamed her way to the other side, reaching up to take the stranger’s hand. Within seconds, she was in her father’s arms.

Whose hand are we holding in this life? We belong to God, and in him, we are not condemned to a life of sin and wandering. We are accepted and loved as his children. We do not hold the hand of a stranger, but the hand of our heavenly Father who calls us his own.

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