You Can’t Hide From God

October 29th, 2010


Genesis 45:25 – 46:7

There is no place that God cannot go! God became a human and experienced all the aspects of human life. Jesus was fully human and fully God. Jesus died on a cross. God entered into the realm God could not enter without becoming human. In the cross event, the Father experienced suffering through the Son’s death. There is no where we can go that the very God who created all the heavens and the earth doesn’t go with us. There is no amount of suffering we can endure that God isn’t present with us. There is no amount of joy we can experience that God is not present.

The same God who traveled with Jacob to see his son Joseph is the same God who goes with us everywhere we go. There is no sin too great that the love and grace of God cannot enter into the situation. God has called us to be one with Christ and to have the same love that Christ has. God, may Your love so transform us where we currently are that we may begin to love others with the same love which You have lavished on us.

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