Integrity’s Source

October 12th, 2010


Psalm 24:1-10

We don’t choose integrity because it is easy. We choose integrity because we love God and don’t want to hurt Him. Joseph had every reason to shake his fist at heaven and accuse God of abandoning him. His brothers had sold him into slavery, and he was separated from the father he dearly loved.

However, in the midst of such personal tragedy, he chose to see the protective hand of God. He had a deep-settled peace that God was with him and was blessing him–even in this foreign land. That rock-bottom belief that God loved him was the source of his integrity.

For many, temptation comes like an inescapable dilemma. “There was nothing I could do. I was trapped.” But, like Joseph, our firm commitment to love God at all costs must cause us to run from the temptation–even when we are running into personal sacrifice. We look at the temptation, fully aware of the pain we will endure if we run from it. Then, because we love God, we run from sin and into sacrifice.

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