Grace Has the Last Word

Agosto 26th, 2010


We were once given airline tickets from a friend. As a retired airline employee, he could sign over his benefit of free air travel for a small processing fee. We were elated to receive this gift; however, we did not fully realize the terms of travel. The status of the ticket rated us as “stand-by.”

It was an anxious feeling we experienced when we watched numerous other passengers board the plane with an accepted ticket. The flight proved to have no seats for us. Feeling rejected, we anticipated the next flight with concern. We both breathed a sigh of relief when the agent finally called our names and issued us confirmed seats.

Mosaic Law had always determined the status of one’s ticket to heaven. Jews had the covenant. Gentiles didn’t; thus, no reason to “stand by” and hope. Now righteousness apart from the Law is revealed because all debt has been paid through Jesus’ death on the Cross. Grace offers salvation.

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