Growth In Grace

Julio 1st, 2010


Standing at the back of the sanctuary, Josh listened with sadness as a lady of the church expressed her frustration at the song and instrument choice for the morning. He calmly reminded her that the staff was doing its best to provide a variety of music. He explained that they were attempting to give people of all backgrounds an opportunity to connect with God in a format they understood.

She responded, “Well if that’s the kind of music they like, they can go somewhere else!”

His heart sank.

It’s sad to see Christians who ought to be mature in their faith express attitudes and action to the contrary. How is it after so many years of experiencing God’s grace for themselves they fail to offer it to others?
As a man of 85 years, Caleb prepared to enter the Promised Land. He was ready to finish the race as he had started it. May we all extend God’s grace in ever-increasing quantities.

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