Kingdom of Servants

March 18th, 2023

Luke 22:24-32

Most pastors can tell stories of how people have accosted them just as they were preparing to step up to the pulpit to preach. I think that must have been much like what Jesus felt when the dispute “arose among them” (v. 24). With all that He was about to undergo, His disciples were fussing about who was the greatest. Jesus could have berated them for their lack of sensitivity, but instead He patiently pointed out that His followers are not to be like leaders in the world who lord it over others, “not so with you.”

Jesus’ followers are to be servants, not afraid to do the dirty jobs or take menial assignments, not afraid of being overlooked, or underused. They are to be those who look out for the interests of others. That’s what good servants do.

Having reminded them of that, Jesus affirms their loyalty and then confers upon them a kingdom. Then He turns His attention to Simon who has challenges ahead. Jesus is interceding for him. Simon will return from his failure to lead this kingdom of servants.

Author: Vicki Copp


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