Jesus Is Never Wrong

March 14th, 2023

Mark 14:66-72

Most of us have known a level of sorrow. But certainly nothing like the story of Jesus and Peter in Mark 14.

Jesus had been arrested and taken before the Sanhedrin, He was condemned and brutalized. Peter meanwhile was in the courtyard below being accused by a servant girl. Just a girl. Just a servant. And yet he answered her, denying what she said. Twice more he denied that he was with Jesus. In the distance a rooster welcomed the morning. Then Peter remembered.

Peter had been sure that he was strong enough to withstand the scrutiny of those in the high priest’s courtyard. He could have just walked away but he had something to prove. He was sure that Jesus had been wrong about him. Heartbroken, Peter wept in sorrow for his denial.

When Jesus points out our failures as a defender, friend, or provider, we can dig ourselves into a hole trying to deny, rationalize, or excuse it. It’s better to just agree. Jesus is never wrong about us either.

Author: Vicki Copp


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