God of Covenant

March 2nd, 2023

Mark 14:19-26

There is something a bit eerie about Mark 14. It’s a sad scene as both the disciples and those who read this story know of what is to come: Christ will soon be betrayed and killed. Jesus’ words reveal the distrust, anger, and sadness that occurs within sin and broken relationships.

And yet, Christ still makes an offer of grace to His disciples, and to all of creation, in these last moments. Christ offers His body and blood in the form of bread and wine as a covenant between himself and all His followers. We take and eat the symbolic body and blood of Christ to remind us of this sacrifice from God for all people.

The next time you receive communion, consider what it means to “eat” and “drink” the body and blood of Christ. Perhaps as you participate in communion, you are slowly becoming more and more like Christ. Each time you receive this means of grace, may you continue to embody the Christ of grace, of sacrifice, and of covenant.

Author: Bethany Acre

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