Victory Through Jesus

November 13th, 2022

1 Corinthians 15:50-58

I love sports. Pretty much any sport. I love the Olympics. I’ll watch badminton. I’ll even watch sports that I didn’t know were sports, like beach handball. It is often to the chagrin of my family that I can watch golf, pickleball, and bull riding on television with rapt attention.

The problem with some sports is how the winner is determined. In some, it’s obvious. In baseball, you want to score the most runs. In soccer, you want to have the most goals. In basketball and American football, you want to have the most points. There are some sports, however, where it’s less clear how the winner is determined. In gymnastics, it’s based on level of difficulty and judges’ scores, as I understand it.

Our labor for the Lord, His kingdom, and His Church probably feels a lot more like gymnastics than baseball. It is easy for us to wonder if our striving is in vain. Will our work really matter for anything in the end? But, friends, thanks be to God, the ultimate victory was won two thousand years ago on Calvary!

Author: Joe Foltz

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