Sacrificial Unity

September 17th, 2022

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Romans 12:1-18

We must read Romans 12 in light of the whole. Paul writes to a church made up of Jewish and Gentile Christians who are struggling to live and worship as one body. In response to their struggle, Paul makes a breathtaking defense of God’s righteousness, helping the church understand the radical work God has done in Christ to bring all people to God.

In light of this good news, the Roman church is called to live in sacrificial unity together. Their life together ought to be marked by Jesus’ self-giving love rather than by selfishness or the social hierarchies of the world.

The message to us is perfectly clear. We, the church, are called to live in sacrificial unity, marked by self-giving love. Each person is invited, not only to be present but also to participate in God’s redemptive work by using their gifts and graces. It is at the very heart of the Gospel.

Author: Stephanie Lobdell

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One Response to “Sacrificial Unity”

  1. Marcela Says:

    September 17th, 2022 at 5:40 am

    Amen. Glory to God. He is the head and we are the body!

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