A New Perspective of Wealth

August 19th, 2022

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Acts 5:1-11

The way of Jesus calls us to live differently in the world. Instead of doing what fallen nature says and looking out for only ourselves, getting ahead by any means necessary, God requires us to think outside of culture and sin. Part of that alternate way is being generous and being honest. Where the world says to keep our wealth, Jesus calls us to take care of each other with what we are given. Where the world tells us to hide our blessings in fear of having to share, Jesus calls us to be open about it with each other.

Ananias and Sapphira were trying to have it both ways in Acts 5. They wanted the commendation and benefits that came with sharing their wealth, but they did not want to dedicate it all to God. Instead, they were dishonest, and paid for that dishonesty. They were not living according to Jesus’ word, but rather living to feed their own desires and wants.

God knows our hearts and knows our insincerity. When we give and share our blessings, we should do so because it is what we are asked to do, not because we want accolades.

Author: Lexi Sunberg


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