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January 31st, 2022

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Matthew 19:16-22

The young man in this story is like a success-motivated student who asks, “How do I achieve the top grade?” The Teacher responds with a clear outline of the standards attached to the man’s goal, but the student is aiming at the wrong mark. Good works, like high grades, are the surface-level indicators. Jesus nudges the young man toward the deeper goal, “Why do you ask me about what is good? . . . There is only One who is good”  (Matthew 19:17a).

There is no “good thing” worthy of pursuit other than a whole-life committed to God. The seeker does not need a list of commands, but needs to become a disciple of Jesus. It may be possible to refrain from a list of sins and accomplish a list of good deeds while tethered to possessions, but the rope of riches is too short for following wherever Jesus leads. What is more, the truer treasure is already secure in heaven.

So let us pause to listen to the Spirit. What do we treasure that may be keeping us on a short leash, unable to follow after Christ?

Author: Lori Ward

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