Savoring The Moment

July 20th, 2021

RG AUDIO 072021


Ecclesiastes 6:7-12

Our modern translations of the scriptures can often fail to capture the nuances of the original texts. In Ecclesiastes 6, the author seems to suggest that because our days are few and that there is nothing new under the sun, life is meaningless. Is that true?

The word, “meaningless,” literally means, “vapor” or “breath.” Our days are fleeting. They vanish like vapor, like a puff of warm breath on a winter day. The average person consumes almost 100,000 meals in their lifetime. How many of them do we remember? How many people do we meet but never really see or appreciate?

If you could only experience something good for just a brief moment before it was gone, would that make you value it more, or less? Just because something is temporary doesn’t make it meaningless. In fact, the fleeting nature of our experiences makes them more special, not less. But to enjoy them, we must stop, pay attention, and be present.

Author: Albert Hung


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