Basic Building Blocks

May 6th, 2021

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1 John 2:15-25

Have you ever watched someone and thought, “that looks easy!” No matter what it is he or she is doing, if you aren’t familiar with the steps involved you can be mesmerized by the ease with which the task is performed. Are you ever tempted to think that you could also, easily, perform the same task?

When learning any new skill or hobby, you must start with the basics. You cannot go from not knowing anything about drums, to playing the timpani for Handel’s Messiah without first learning the basics. In order to know the intricate steps, you start with the most basic steps.

Our life in Christ is not much different. We may observe another Christian and think, “they make it look so easy.” What we may not know is the daily surrender to God’s will they have made for years. The basic steps of faith that they have faithfully taken, have led to the life so steeped in Christ, it looks effortless to others.

Pay attention to the basics. Learn them inside and out. Build upon those basics and remain in Christ.

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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