Remembering Who You Are Worshiping

April 18th, 2020

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Hebrews 12:14-18

It was our first trip to California. We were being interviewed as possible missionaries with Far East Broadcasting Company when it happened. Water glasses began to jiggle and silverware clattered. It was our first earthquake experience. While it was unsettling for us, everyone else seemed to ignore the mild aftershock.

Here’s a promise from scripture: God is going to give to everyone who believes in Jesus a kingdom that cannot be shaken and it will never end. Your life in Christ is unshakable!

Now, that doesn’t mean you will never struggle in relationships, maybe face a life-threatening illness, or even lose your home to an earthquake or some other natural disaster. It does mean that Christ is for us.

Knowing this great certainty leads us to the full understating of worship. We worship God with reverence and awe. “Awe” is the essence of true worship. We only get a glimpse of awe here on earth, but someday, around the throne, we will fully understand.

Author: Brian Utter


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