Swallow Not The Camel

August 20th, 2019

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Matthew 23:13-24
“Strain a gnat but swallow a camel” is a common phrase, often associated with inconsistent behavior or sporadically applied standards. Unexpected moments, last minute news, and more can interrupt life and necessitate change. The goal is to find new behavior and standards that go with the new flow.

The gnat and camel analogy is actually a biblical principle. “You have neglected the more important matters” Jesus says (Matt. 23:23b). God’s principles are in place for our direction and His glory: His Word is truth and His love unconditional. He doesn’t change or conform to the flow of this world. He alone is the object of our worship.

How does the Christ-follower live, then? Distinguish camels from gnats. Jesus instructs us to put first things first. “You should have practiced [gnats] without neglecting the [camels]” (Matthew 23:23c, author’s paraphrase). Allow God to order your days. “Busy-ness” is a major threat: Invite God to put His camels in the jar first. There will always be room for gnats.

Author: Jan C. LaSalle


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