Learning to Lean

March 17th, 2019

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Psalm 37:18-24

Friends from miles away, dropped in unexpectedly for a visit. In the middle of visit, my wife decided to go check on laundry. I heard a noise, but didn’t think much about it. Shortly, she returned where we were all seated around a table. Just as she got to us, she fainted, collapsing to the floor.

She had stubbed her toe, breaking it. The searing pain set in as she came toward us. She did the best she could to tolerate the pain, but it was too much, and down she went.

While there is much in Psalm 37 to compress in just a few lines. Here’s what I see: First, appearances can be very deceiving. Not everyone who stumbles, faints. Some who stumble carry the pain within. Second, it is natural to stumble; it is supernatural to be lifted and upheld by God’s hand. Third, learning to lean on Jesus will produce assurance that brings peace. Finally, the Lord does not withhold his blessing from his stumbling children. His blessing validates the presence of his character in his children.

Author: David Felter


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