Perseverance Rewards The Faithful

March 16th, 2019

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James 1:12

How do we keep the team together? As we learned in our walk with God, it is not about isolation but community. How do we encourage perseverance not just within our own experience, but as a shared behavior within the Body of Christ?

Here are several thoughts to consider in this regard:

  • We learn perseverance when we experience testing.
  • When we are scattered, we are most vulnerable, and most easily tempted to not persevere.
  • When we’re tested we often respond emotionally and without wisdom.
  • Stability grows from a unifying commitment to achieve the goal or objective.
  • Perseverance rewards the faithful.

Every Christian will experience the season of trial. Unpleasant? Of course. A waste of time and energy? Never! Every trial tests the fabric of our faith and devotion to God. No trial is without some redemptive quality; even those which when completed appear to have left nothing but loss or destruction in their wake! Just remember to persevere!

Author: David Felter


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