Boast In Christ Alone

March 14th, 2019

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Philippians 2:25—3:6

What lies behind boasting? While it is easy to be an armchair analyst, its root cause is not always clear. There are several truths, however, that Christians can affirm.

First, to praise another is not to diminish yourself. “Empty” boasting rings hollow with every audience.

Second, to boast in Christ is not the same as being holier-than-thou. The scourge of legalism in the Church often created environments where spiritual pride was expressed by the negative facets of public religion. Alluding to rule-keeping often sounded like boasting of spiritual superiority.

The apostle Paul simply recited his “credentials,” making sure that everyone knew that he no longer counted them as his bona fides. The only boast Paul could make is the only boast we can make. Our faith rests in our Lord Himself, and nothing else! Of this we boast for it is now our testimony, not just another story we tell.

Author: David Felter

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