Perfect Pattern of Practice

March 13th, 2019

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Philippians 2:14-24

The first time I attended a rodeo, I thought all the events were very interesting to watch. When the barrel racers came out, I was amazed at the coordination between rider and horse.

Then I saw a six year old, South American girl run the barrels. Wow! She set a new benchmark for my admiration, and I thought of Philippians 2. Every superior performance demands a perfect pattern for practice. The Word of God is the only source for the revelation of this pattern. While there are many patterns by which to shape the performance of your life, there is only one reliable pattern. It is the Word of Life!

Christians may not be stars in the galaxy of human performance spectacles, but we can shine with Christ’s reflection. Accompanying the little girl in the riding arena, was her father. I was reminded that perfect performances always boast partnerships that bring out excellence. No doubt dad spent hours with his daughter in training and instruction. When she mounted the saddle of her horse, her performance made her shine like a star.

Author: David Felter


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