Seek The Good For Others

February 15th, 2019

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Amos 5:4-13

Amos was called from his long career as a shepherd and arborist to bring the word of God to the people. The Israelites had once again forgotten the grace of God, resorting back to allowing other things than him as first in their lives. When God was replaced, the things the people chose to worship also guided how they interacted with the world around them.

Instead of the justice God sought for all people, the Israelites had turned it into bitterness, something spat upon the ground. The Israelites grew to think more of themselves than was wise or healthy. Amos reminded them: it was God who places the stars in the sky. It is best to heed God’s commandments.

Amos implored them seek life by seeking God. How? Seek the good for others, particularly the oppressed. Find those people in your community who aren’t given a voice, who have no power, who lack resources and share God’s grace (including the resources God gives) with them.

Author: Mark Hendrickson

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