Who Is Your Master?

February 11th, 2019

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Luke 16:1-15

When I hear the word “master” sometimes a picture of a lowly servant, groveling at the feet of his overseer waiting to do his bidding comes to mind. The servant has to obey whatever command is given. The master dictates the direction of the servant’s life.

Jesus introduced his listeners to a manager who was on the brink of loosing his job. He had been sloppy and careless in his work and the master was not pleased. In a last ditch effort to provide a landing spot, the manager tried to endear himself to those who owed the master much, perhaps they will help.

Oddly, the master doesn’t boil over in a rage but commends the manager for being so prudent. The manager didn’t attempt to retain his job. He did what he knew he could to save himself from complete ruin. In reality he served himself, costing his master much.

We can attempt to serve two masters—God and the world—but it never ends well. These two masters have different end-goals and therefore different directions they send their servants. Which direction are you headed?

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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