Can’t Take It With You

February 5th, 2019

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Luke 12:13-21

A dying man had an arrangement with the Lord to take all of his gold with him to heaven when he died. Sure enough, the family followed his wishes and filled his coffin with gold bars. When the man reached the Pearly Gates, Peter asked Jesus, “Lord, what are we going to do with all of this pavement?”

We cannot take our treasures with us! In today’s parable God calls the person with the habit of acquiring wealth a fool. At first blush, it sounds too harsh. But as we drill down, the focus is not the possessions acquired but the attitude expressed in acquiring things for ourselves. Remember the story of the Tower of Babel? “Come, let us build ourselves a city” (Gen. 11:4a). The people left God out of the equation and erected a structure for themselves.

A person does not have to be wealthy to be greedy. Wealthy or poor, we can embrace our possessions and build our buildings without giving a thought that God will one day hold us accountable for our stewardship. Today, let’s be rich toward God. Wealth is not based on what you have but who has you.

Author: Mike Stipp


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