A Kingdom for the Sick

January 30th, 2019

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Luke 10:1-12

Christians tasked with evangelism have a very particular message concerning the resurrection. A message that brings hope to the captive, healing to the sick, and relief for the down-trodden. We are told to speak of an incoming kingdom that will set the world right. The sins of those who have acted against God’s people will be addressed and judged appropriately.

The Gospel cannot be reduced to a feel-good story about personal faith and preference. The Gospel is always bigger than the individual. It is the story of a God who loves the least among us: those who have been forgotten on their hospital beds, left to fend for themselves in their poverty, cast aside for their differences. Jesus directs us to these people with the words, “tell them, ‘the kingdom of God has come to you.’”

Just as Jesus tasked 72 disciples to spread out among the towns speaking of the nearness of the kingdom of God, so has he commissioned today’s disciples to speak the hope of the resurrection and the incoming kingdom of God.

Author: Timothy George


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