Not Even Goodbye?

January 29th, 2019

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Luke 9:51-62

There are a couple truths present in the myriad of cultures throughout history. First, shelter is a basic human need. Second, family is important. It is perfectly natural for someone to ask about basic needs and desire time to say goodbye to their family . . . especially in times of bereavement.

Christian discipleship is a radical call compelling us to find our strength and comfort in the providence of God. Christian faith is entrance into the family of God that redraws lines of obedience and allegiance. Christ has already put us to work sharing the kingdom of God among our neighbors. When we look back on the accumulations of our past, then we are tempted to make exceptions to this radical call of obedience. Jesus compels us to cast away the fears concerning personal shelter and even the commitments to family traditions that will detract from our faith.

There are few bonds as strong as that of hearth and home. Yet, the call to follow Jesus is one that allows no other allegiances.

Author: Timothy George

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