Willing to Step Out

January 28th, 2019

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Luke 9:1-11

Prior to going on a hike or taking a road trip, it is good to be prepared. Are there enough funds for the trip? Has a route been chosen that is safe, timely, and provides the experience desired for the trip? For a task to end well it often requires the planning and foresight necessary to lead to that end. In other words, it must begin well.

Regretfully, one can become paralyzed by planning. The desire to account for every eventuality and cover every nuance can stymie the task at hand. Often the fears of beginning a difficult journey can be masked with the excuses concerning lack of preparation.

Jesus not only removes this excuse from his disciples but he strips them of their extra comforts. He will not let them become a hindrance to the radical faith necessary to be a disciple. Power and authority is given when we are fully-yielded to the direction Jesus is leading and are willing to take that first step of faith. Let us move forward purposefully and faithfully with the One who journeys alongside us.

Author: Timothy George

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