Let Your Light Shine

January 27th, 2019

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Psalm 112:1-10

It is easy to be grieved when we see people lie and cheat to get ahead in our world. When someone deals harshly with another and seems to be rewarded with their request, it is easy to lament that good things happen to bad people. The only commandments they seem to follow are those dictated by their selfishness. Their apparent success casts a dreary shadow over the lives of those they have stomped upon.

The way out of this darkness is not to ignore the offense, nor is it acquiesce to the ways of this world. Psalm 112 reminds us light shines when we commit ourselves to the ways of grace, compassion and righteousness. The call to be steadfast and thorough in our acts of faithfulness will yield fearless and secure hearts. Hearts filled with the grace of our Lord will carry us forward in the days to come.

Those who have been brought low by the wicked will find themselves lifted up by the gifts of the godly and the righteousness in their midst. In this way, the light of the upright pierces the darkness of the wicked.

Author: Timothy George


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