Awake for a New Day

January 26th, 2019

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1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

The day of the Lord is day that brings justice to the people of God and judgment on the enemies and oppressors of God’s people. This descriptor for “the day of the Lord” is repeated throughout Scripture. Those who are in power acting against God’s people will not be in power forever. They are blind to the incoming turnover of power, unable to see or imagine any power other than what they have established. This turnover will appear as sudden as an overnight theft.

Christians are told the day of the Lord gives hope for now as well. We are not appointed merely “to suffer wrath” (v. 9), but the hope of this new heavenly world order allows us to persevere and to keep our eyes attentive to the ways we can be faithful and loving until that day. The faith and love of Christ allow us to see through the darkness of the world. We can see that their power is temporary. Meanwhile, the way of Christian living is one of obedience to Christ until the final dawning of the day of the Lord!

Author: Timothy George


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