Turning to the Light

January 25th, 2019

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Isaiah 8:19—9:7

The desire of our Lord is to be the source of life and hope to the world. This hope can take place even amid oppressors who will beat down with a rod, or soldiers who invade for war. The peace and government of Jesus in the lives of each believer and in the final day of his return is the hope that brings light to the darkness.

The light that dawns in Isaiah is a light directing them away from their idols and towards the Son that is born to them. Christians have recognized this passage refers to Jesus of Nazareth. He embodies the promise of one who will bring an end to injustice and violence. Jesus also comes to us from the line of David and through him Christians are empowered to live righteously.

Jesus invites believers to follow in his footsteps, illuminating a path away from the idolatrous darkness. The path of Christ encourages disciples to put to destruction their warring ways (v. 5) and to seek justice and righteousness in the world (v. 7).

Author: Timothy George


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