Reaching Out

January 24th, 2019

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Luke 8:40-56

Twelve years. Twelve years is a long time to suffer affliction. One can expect that she has exhausted all of her options and is left with only one hope: Jesus will heal her. Her healing story is sandwiched by another story concerning the resurrection of a girl who is “coincidentally” twelve years old.

One can be easily tempted to believe that a long affliction is the result of faithlessness or a sign of God’s anger or indifference. This story is a reminder that everyone who seeks and reaches out to Jesus will be delivered from the afflictions of this world. It may happen that one is healed during the reaching out to Jesus, but also likely healing will wait until the resurrection. While we cannot prescribe the terms of our mortality, we can know that Jesus provides mortality’s remedy.

The woman who reached out and was healed is a foreshadowing of the healing of all ailments at the resurrection of the dead. Christians continue reaching out to Jesus, trusting in his healing whether it occurs today or at tomorrow’s resurrection.

Author: Timothy George

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