Fearless Faith

January 22nd, 2019

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Luke 8:16-25

The fear of death runs our world. Locks, panic rooms, inclement weather shelters, seat belts, and safety items of all variety are marketed to ensure our fear of death is assuaged. Bullies, gangs, and power-hungry leaders use the fear of death to influence behaviors.

Yet, here in the face of certain death, Jesus sleeps. How certain must Jesus be in the Father to be able to sleep amid a storm? Christians profess to believe in the resurrection. Indeed, to have their lives ordered by the hope of resurrection. Nonetheless, Christians often act as if their day to day lives are ordered by the same fear of death as the world. Jesus’s simple rebuke of the storm proves the disciples’ fear as inappropriate. Not only do the winds and the waves obey him, but also “death has been swallowed up in victory.” As we follow Christ, let us do so with boldness in the face of adversity and courage in anticipation of the resurrection.

Author: Timothy George


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