More than a Season

January 21st, 2019

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Luke 8:1-15

Every winter plow trucks drive through my street moving large piles of snow and with it large swaths of dirt cut from the neighbor’s yard. Every spring the city comes back to seed that ravished corner lot. The grass has no chance at longevity because of the annual recurrence of hefty snow falls and forceful snow plows. This is the scene given before us in the parable of the sower. Seed laid along the path is often destroyed by the forces that strive to take us away from the Lord.

Jesus’s parables are more than moral lessons, they are an invitation to situate the reader within the story. The parable of the sower is not a lesson on targeted evangelism strategies, it invites one to find themselves amidst the seed in good soil. This parable clearly describes the faith of many who have fallen, but it also invites the listener to strive to be among the good soil.

We are encouraged to resist the devil, hear and retain the word, and thereby produce a crop of righteousness that will last for many seasons.

Author: Timothy George


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