It Doesn’t Add Up

January 18th, 2019

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Luke 7:39-50

Simon is a Pharisee who invited Jesus to dinner, only to have it crashed by a “sinful” woman. Simon was shocked at the unexpected guest—who wouldn’t be.

What Simon saw and what Simon believed to be true were two different things. He sat at his own dinner party struggling to add up what was happening before his eyes. Simon reviewed the information: if Jesus really is a prophet he would know this woman is no good. Yet, Jesus is interacting with her!

Simon could not reconcile what he thought was reality and what reality truly was. He couldn’t reconcile in his heart Jesus being a prophet and Jesus accepting (even forgiving!) a sinner like this brazen woman. When he added two plus two, Simon did not get four.

How is your kingdom math? What we know about God and his kingdom doesn’t necessarily add up to the way God works. If we allow the Spirit to work in and through us, we can see others as Jesus, not Simon, does.

Author: Stephanie Hendrickson


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