Upside Down and Turned Around

January 17th, 2019

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Luke 7:31-38

Through his words and actions, Jesus shattered many expectations people had about the Messiah and God. Jesus pulled back layers of misunderstanding, ignorance, self-importance, self-righteousness we all harbor to reveal who God is.

We don’t know if Simon, a Pharisee, was a believer like the Roman Centurion or setting a trap for Jesus. We know he invited Jesus to dinner, but not the weeping woman. We also can gather that while Jesus has compassion on this woman described as a sinner, Simon failed to see her beyond place in the religious system. Simon saw a sinner behaving poorly during his dinner with the famous healer.

Are there people you fail to see as Jesus sees them? Could it be your neighbor, a family member, yourself perhaps? Jesus was not unaware of who this woman was and what she had done. Jesus did, however, see her as God saw her: someone seeking redemption. Seek redemption. See with redemption those around you.

Author: Stephanie Hendrickson

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