Surprised by Faith

January 14th, 2019

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Luke 7:1-10

I have never been a fan of surprises. Jack in the Box was one of my least favorite toys. While uncertainty is unsettling, not all surprises are unnerving.

Jesus was surprised by a Roman soldier. This leader in the Roman army (the occupying enemy in Israel’s promised land) sent out Jewish elders to find Jesus. The Centurion believed Jesus was able to command nature and heal.

This unwavering faith of the Centurion surprised Jesus. Here was a Gentile, soldier of the oppressing army, acknowledging Jesus’ power and place in the world. Unlike so many of the Israelites, who had heard the prophecies of the Messiah and yet couldn’t see who Jesus was, this soldier believed.

Surprise! Simply because someone has “always been in church,” or “grew up in a good Christian home,” doesn’t make them a believer. The Centurion, who did not fit the mold of the typical God-follower, had more faith in Jesus than even Jesus’ own people. Is your faith surprising?

Author: Stephanie Hendrickson


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