Trust Me

January 13th, 2019

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Psalm 40:1-10

A child learning to walk and climb can get into some tight spots and crazy predicaments. More than once a parent will have to “rescue” his child. The child may or may not be in danger—how unaware a toddler is of danger can be astounding! However, many times the child is simply stuck—unable to move forward or backward.

As a parent, the times a child is convinced she can’t get herself free can be both funny and exasperating. Why can’t you get down from the step-stool? There is only one step between you and the floor. To the child, unaware of the space between themselves and safety, the struggle is real. “Trust me,” says the parent as he guides the child to safety.

How often we are like a toddler, stuck in a situation we don’t understand. We can’t see the whole picture. That first step looks like a doozy. How will we ever survive?

God, in his infinite grace and knowledge, guides us one step at a time. He pulls us out of the miry pit we’ve found ourselves in. God says, “trust me.”

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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