Blessing Living for God

January 9th, 2019

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Luke 6:6-16

“Blessed be . . .” establishes the following people as members of the kingdom Jesus has come to proclaim. What follows doesn’t make sense because the people that belong to the kingdom are not the people we would usually choose to belong: poor, hungry, weeping people.

The kingdom of God is not what we would, outside of God’s grace, imagine it to be. Those who place their trust and lives so far into God’s grace are those people Jesus called “blessed.” We look for winners, millionaires, and beauty stars. Jesus says the people whose very being is centered on God (and not status) are the kingdom people.

So where does this leave us in terms of Luke 6, verse 22? Most Christians in the Western world have not truly experienced hatred that could be called persecution. We may be uncomfortable or inconvenienced. God’s concern is with where our hearts, minds, and souls lie. If our hope is in God, then nothing can separate us from God. Who does your hope rest in?

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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  1. Milt Says:

    January 9th, 2019 at 11:45 pm

    It appears the scripture reference today should be Luke 6:17-23 (or 26).

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