December 30th, 2018

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Psalm 84:1-12

Have you ever been homesick before? Chances are, even if you have not traveled far from home, you’ve felt that pang in your heart called homesickness. Whether young or old, people have a special place in their hearts for whatever, wherever they call home.

As children my wife and brother-in-law would spend a week with each set of grandparents in the summer (without parents). After a long trip from Illinois to Ohio, they would stay with one family for a week and then travel down the block to stay with the other. They had a blast spending time making memories with their grandparents.

One of her cousins, however, did not find the experience as fun. Given the same opportunity, this cousin did not make it through the week. It wasn’t that they did less together or that this cousin didn’t enjoy spending time with her grandparents. She was woefully homesick. Nothing—even dear grandparents—can replace home.

Now read through Psalm 84 and listen through your memory of homesickness. Do you hear the psalmist’s longing for home? Our hearts are to be so planted in the kingdom of God that we long for it as we would home. Are you homesick?

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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